missing sailor moon ccg cards

I have doubles of tons of normal cards and a bunch of doubles of the Series III Chase prisms, but no holo doubles.

----Premiere Edition----
152 - Sailor Moon Level 4 (holo)
153 - Sailor Mercury Level 4 (holo)
154 - Sailor Mars Level 4 (holo)
156 - Sailor Venus Level 4 (holo)
157 - Tuxedo Mask Level 2 (holo)

----Premiere Edition Promos----
Sailor Moon CCG Promo - says "Sailor Moon" along the top and "Coming in Spring 2000!" in the text area and a bunch of other text - same image as the promo holo 1/9 but it is not a holo
Sailor Moon CCG Archive Promo (holo) - says "Sailor Moon Archive" along the top and "Coming in Spring 2000!" in the text area and a bunch of other text - same image as on 132/160
promo 5/9 - Sammy Tsukino (holo)
promo 7/9 - Insectia (holo)
promo 9/9 - Wicked Lady (holo)

---Series III Chase prisms---
8/9 - Prizma (prism)
9/9 - Evil Prince Darien (Prism)

---Past & Future---
5 - Schoolmates
7 - Lizzy Furuhata
8 - Hercules the Cat
15 - Learn Beryl's Secrets
20 - Vicious Queen
21 - Fooled By the Enemy
25 - Fire-Reading Room
51 - Four Sisters
62 - Crystal Time Key (prism)
63 - Birthday Party (prism)
66 - Negaverse (prism)
67 - Portal of Time (prism)
69 - Neo Queen Serenity, Level 3 (prism)

I can't not be emotional about this health care debate

I can't not be emotional about this health care debate. My family is DIRECTLY affected. Both of my parents are out of work - not because they are lazy, or uneducated, or whatever, just because they are getting fucked by the economy right now.

Both of them have high blood pressure and my mother has arrhythmia, and both depend upon their medication to live their lives.

When people start fucking telling me what they SHOULD be doing, or how they SHOULD be living, or how this shit is all THEIR fault, I get so fucking angry. None of those people have any idea how much money, even with insurance! we pay in fucking medical bills every year. It's awful. Awful. And soon, they will have no insurance at all.

I do not need someone else telling me what my family does not need. I do not need someone else telling me all about my family. You do not know my fucking family.

I know it's not useful in a debate to get angry. But I can't help it. Because that shit makes me SO angry. Somehow, you know everything! Oh my god, somehow, you've found all of these INCREDIBLY SIMPLE solutions to the problems my family has been facing for years! We must be fucking idiots never to have thought of all of those things! My family must be made of fucking retards.

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Registered (again) with github, moderately more successfully this time.

I'm on page 35 of this 279 page rails tutorial. More on this tomorrow.
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I own a website now

On a whim, I went to dreamhost to look at signing up for a domain again. And what do you know, they're having a promotion for a domain + unlimited hosting for $10 for a year. A YEAR. WHAT.
Promo code 777

I can't get the popup to appear again, but that solidified it, and now I own, my soon to be comprehensive collection site for every Sailor Moon item ever made.

I've been working on the site's plans off and on for a few months, but it's time to get serious again. My collection of pictures has grown to maybe ten thousand, maybe more. Also, Figs has promised to help me learn Ruby so I'm installing it right now.
bitch please

wtf Boots.

Why the fuck did John delete his fucking Livejournal? I really, really enjoyed his random tech and life posts and this severely pisses me off because he is one of the most thoughtful and wellspoken people I have ever met, and reading his entries was always enlightening and a pleasure.

Someone let him know that this:

a) pisses me off
b) means I can't read the stupid post I made a "memory" yesterday about cloud backups AND I NEEDED THAT INFO.

What an asshole! He should think about ME and MY NEEDS before deleting his personal journal for personal reasons!

magazine subscriptions

I'm going to start subscribing to magazines. Why on earth? I don't know. I DO know that a yearly subscription to Vogue costs almost as much as an individual issue, so why not? I'm trying to decide which I should subscribe to. I'm definitely getting an American Journal of Med subscription (using my lil bro's student status), Vogue, and Time. I want at least one tech zine and one science zine but I'm not sure which ones to go for. That's a lot of magazines, right?! Whatever. I'll read them on the train.

I kinda want a BH&G subscription too. I certainly buy enough of them! Where will I store them all??? Do I throw them out (you know I mean recycle)?